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Coach Pitch Spring 2018

This is the seventh year for Tealtown's Coach Pitch League. It's main purpose is to help bridge the gap for players moving on from T-Ball but not yet ready to play kid pitch Knothole. Perfect for kids in the age range of 5-7 years old.

One of the main advantages of this league is that all games will be played at Tealtown among other teams in the Coach Pitch League.

The season will start late April/early May and run through mid-July. The game days will be Monday nights and Saturdays.

Knothole Spring 2018

Tealtown Knothole is part of East Region Knothole. Last year Tealtown had 21 Knothole teams participate out of the park.

Age ranges for knothole are 8-18 years old.

The season starts mid April 2018 and tournaments can run through the end of July.

Game days and times for each class are listed below.

Class & Playing Days
A-Sr. / 15U Mon - Wed - Fri
A-Jr. / 14U Mon - Fri
B-Sr. / 13U Tues - Sat (4PM)
B-Jr. / 12U Thurs - Sat (4PM)
C-Sr. / 11U Mon - Sat (1PM)
C-Jr. / 10U Thurs - Sat (1PM)
D-Sr. / 9U Wed - Sat (10AM)
D-Jr. / 8U Tues - Sat (10AM)

Select Baseball Spring 2018

Tealtown Ballpark is home to 18 select baseball teams. It has age groups ranging from 8U all the way to 18U with teams playing out of the National, American and Continental leagues.

The season begins late March/early April and can run through the middle of July.

Game days and times will depend on each team as they set their own schedules.

Select Softball Spring 2018

Softball Spring 2018

Tealtown Softball teams play out of the Southwestern Ohio Girls Fastpitch Softball Association (SOGFSA).

The season starts at the end of April/early May and runs through the first week in July.

SNAP Baseball 2018

This is the seventh season Tealtown Ballpark has had the pleasure to partner with the Special Needs Athletic Program (S.N.A.P.) to host both Baseball and Kickball games for a variety of adults and kids with special needs.

The seasons for both baseball and kickball start in mid-May and run through the end of July/early August. All games are played on Fridays.

T-Ball Spring 2018

Tealtown Ballpark had ten Tee-Ball teams play out of the park last year consisting of mostly 4 and 5 year old boys and girls.

The season starts late April/early May and goes through the end of June. All games are played on Friday nights.

We open each Tee-Ball season with a family night that includes a parade for all the teams, team and player announcements and ends with ice cream for all of the kids.

Umpires 2018

Looking for some extra spring and summertime cash?

We are looking for kids or adults that enjoy the game of baseball or softball to umpire games at Tealtown Ballpark.

We are in need of umpires for the following leagues:

Coach Pitch
must be at least 12 years old

Class A must be 16 years of age
Class B must be 14 years of age
Class C must be 13 years of age
Class D must be 13 years of age

16U must be USSSA certified
14U must be USSSA certified
12U must be USSSA certified
10U must be USSSA certified
8U must be 12 years old

For all leagues, the umpire’s age is to be reached by April 30th of the current year

Getting Help

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